Emmerdale: did Lawrence White kill Chrissie’s real dad?

A shock accusation was casually thrown into tonight's episode


Emmerdale have teased that Lawrence White is hiding the fact he’s a killer – and was responsible for the murder of daughter Chrissie’s biological father.


The curveball came in tonight’s episode when Lawrence and partner Ronnie Hale listened to the White patriarch’s guest appearance on a local radio station where he was interviewed about his musical tastes. So far, so innocuous, but events took a sinister turn when the presenter went to the phones and spoke to a caller live on air. 

Introduced as ‘Tim’, the mystery caller blurted out: “Lawrence White killed my brother, he’s a murderer!”

The quick-thinking radio host quickly shut it down, and shocked Ronnie asked his beloved Larry what was going on – despite branding the accusation libellous, the look on his shaken face implied Mr White recognised the voice…

Later on Lawrence met up with a very dodgy looking fellow called Dean up at Home Farm and ordered him to find “this man” so he could protect his family.

Interrupted by Chrissie, Lawrence lied Dean was upgrading the estate’s security systems – but she clearly didn’t buy it (and was also mildly distracted by a frisson of sexual tension with Dean that seemed to suggest these two would end up in bed together before too long).

Next week, Chrissie grows even more suspicious of her dad’s behaviour and gets Dean to confess he’s been employed to track down a man called Tim Richards – presumably the same guy who called the radio station throwing murder allegations around.

Confronting Lawrence, he admits Tim is the brother of Chrissie’s biological dad, John. Surely this doesn’t mean Lawrence killed Chrissie’s real father?

As Lawrence reveals more about this chapter of his past, will the truth finally come to light? And with Emmerdale confirming Chrissie’s uncle Tim will be introduced very soon, is a whole can of worms about to cracked open for the dysfunctional countryside clan?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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