EastEnders: Josh definitely wants to split Lauren and Steven up, says Eddie Eyre

"He's got feelings for Lauren. He's not messing her about," says the actor


EastEnders’s smooth City boy Josh Hemmings looks set to make a takeover bid for Lauren Branning in an upcoming episode of the BBC1 soap.


Actor Eddie Eyre has revealed to RadioTimes.com that his character definitely wants to be more than just Lauren’s workplace boss:

“Lauren is definitely having second thoughts about Steven since she met Josh. We’ve seen that in how she behaves around him. And I feel that Josh definitely wants to split them up. He’s got definite feelings for Lauren. He’s not messing her about – he’d like something a bit more. So fingers crossed for him!”


Viewers have already seen Lauren wrestling with her emotions as she tries to make her career a priority, even going to the extent of considering an abortion after discovering that she’s now pregnant with boyfriend Steven’s baby.

But is Lauren’s job at Canary Wharf really all that it seems? Viewers have already seen Josh exert control over fellow Weyland employee Max Branning, who appears to have nefarious plans for the Square. So just what exactly is going on?

Said Eyre: “There are all sorts of inner workings going on within the company. Is Josh the puppet master? I can’t really say. Max is up to all sorts of naughtiness and Josh doesn’t necessarily know everything that’s going on.

“Josh knew about The Vic because he told Max he’d done a good job. As regards to all the other villainous deeds, he’s not in the know.”

And will Josh get more involved in the drama over the next few months? “I’m around on the show for a while. I can’t say how long, but you’ll be seeing more of me in the coming weeks.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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