Emmerdale: Finn Barton to become a male escort!

But will he honour his first deal with a client?


Finn Barton will find an unusual way of solving his family’s financial problems in next week’s Emmerdale when he becomes a male escort!


But Finn’s nerves look set to get the better of him when – on his first date – he has second thoughts, grabs the cash from his client and makes a run for it, ending up at Wylie’s Farm.

The trouble is that the aggrieved client catches up with Finn and demands his money back. But the quick-thinking Barton brother counters by threatening to out him to his wife.

In the end, it’ll be left to Ross to sort out the mess when he hears about Finn’s troubles and offers to sort out the cash crisis. But as the siblings leave Wylie’s together, Ross trips on a cable and makes a startling discovery…a large-scale cannabis enterprise!

Might Finn go from escort to dope dealer in the space of just one day?

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