Coronation Street: Denise Osbourne makes a surprise return! Denise Black interview

The actress reveals all about why Denise has stayed away for so long


Denise Osbourne has made a shock comeback in tonight’s episode of Coronation Street, arriving just in time to witness son Daniel driven to the brink of despair after confessing to attacking Ken.


Actress Denise Black last appeared on the ITV soap back in 2007, but has since had a role on Emmerdale, where she played singer Joanie Wright.

With Joanie having been killed off at the start of the year, Black has crossed the Pennines for a further stint on Corrie, where she’s been handed a high-profile return in the aftermath of the Barlow whodunnit.

“I had to go back and watch some of my episodes from the ’90s in order to prepare. It was very strange. I could hardly recognise me. I thought, ‘god, I’m hot! What happened?!'” said Black.

Speaking about why Denise has abandoned Daniel for so long, the actress added: “I believe she stayed away out of fear. She has very low self esteem and she genuinely believed that Daniel would be better off without her. But I did have to get my head around how Daniel wasn’t hauled in by social services.”

Scenes just broadcast saw Daniel start to blame Ken for Denise’s breakdown and disappearance during his teen years, only to be interrupted by his mum’s sudden arrival. Her sudden appearance came as a shock to both Daniel and Ken, who had started to suspect that his son might have bumped off the Street’s former hairdresser.

On her reunion with co-star William Roache – and whether there might be a romance between Denise and Ken – Black commented: “Well, he’s looking good, isn’t he?! And for Bill to have devoted his whole life to this one show is extraordinary and it brings such a richness because the public has known Ken for ever. And Bill and I do get along well – so watch this space.”

Of more pressing concern at the moment, though, is the fate of Daniel who – startled by the sight of Denise – has locked himself in the bathroom, where he was last seen toying with a Stanley knife. As for whether Denise can now come through for Daniel in his time of crisis, Black said:

“She is a flawed person. She’s a bit Marmite – you either love her or hate her. But I think she’s really trying to come to terms with the fact that she abandoned her son. She’s going to be desperate to be a good woman and to get it right now.”

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