Coronation Street: Bethany to flee with Nathan?

Is Bethany about to leave town with the man who’s sexually exploiting her?


Vulnerable Bethany looks set to remain under Nathan’s spell, despite Sarah’s best attempts to convince her that he’s a monster. Upcoming episodes of Coronation Street will even see Nathan convincing Bethany that they should leave Weatherfield altogether – but will she be able to make a break for it before the rest of the Platts discover what’s going on?


In the episode to be shown on Monday 5 June, Nathan manages to persuade Bethany to lie and tell her mum that they’ve split up. Sarah is obviously pleased by her daughter’s news and is relieved when a uniformed Neil arrives at the house to have a word with Bethany, little realising that he’s continuing to drip poison.

By Wednesday, it’ll be Bethany’s birthday, but she’s plagued by guilt as her family spoils her. Because what the Platts don’t realise is that Neil has told Bethany to be ready with her passport. But as Bethany rummages through her drawers on the hunt for the documentation, she’s caught in the act by Sarah, who soon realises what she’s searching for. Can Sarah stop Bethany from going? Or is the troubled teen now beyond her reach?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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