Hollyoaks: Nick is arrested for raping Holly

The sexual consent storyline was back in the spotlight in tonight's E4 episode


Nick Savage has been arrested on tonight’s E4 episode of Hollyoaks following his rape of Holly Cunningham.


Scenes just broadcast saw Nick lash out after Holly explained that she didn’t want to have sex the night before. 

But when Holly and Elle got into a conversation later on at the Dog, Ellie explained that without consent, what happened was rape.

The two girls then headed to the police station to report Nick’s actions – the result being that he was put under arrest for the crime.


Hollyoaks has won critical plaudits thanks to its exploration of the topic of sexual consent. Speaking recently about the plotline’s impact, actress Amanda Clapham, who plays Holly, said:

“There will be many viewers that have found themselves in similar situations and not known what to think or who to turn to. It is incredibly important for Hollyoaks to explain what consent is and I think this story does that in such an identifiable way.

“Holly and Nick are a young couple and some people before watching this, may struggle to understand how rape can happen within a relationship, and I am hoping that it will be clearer as the story plays out.


“Some viewers may not understand or agree with Holly’s response but this is all the more reason to tell this story so we can keep talking about consent.”