EastEnders: will Kush take Denise back?

Are the pair set to patch things up?


Now that EastEnders’s Denise Fox has finally opted to confide her troubles, there’s hope that she might be able to get her life sorted out. Having reached out to Patrick, who then put Kim in the picture, it seems that Denise no longer has to battle on alone. But will she be able to get her personal life back on track too?


Scenes to be shown on Tuesday 6 June will see Denise reaching out to Kush, who she originally dumped because she couldn’t bring herself to reveal all about her financial hardships.

At first, it looks as though things are headed in the right direction when Kush agrees to go for a drink with a Denise (much to Carmel’s concern, it has to be said). And at the Vic, Denise decides to explain her recent actions and apologise, telling Kush that she loves him.


But how will Kush react to what she has to say? Will he be hurt that Denise chose not to seek support from him in the first place? Or will all be forgiven?

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