EastEnders: shock secret revealed for newcomers the Murrays

Ted's got a gun! But why?


There’s clearly more to EastEnders’ new arrivals the Murrays than meets the eye, as it was revealed in their first episode tonight they’ve brought a gun with them to Albert Square.


Making their debut, pensioners Ted and Joyce, played by TV legends Christopher Timothy and Maggie Steed, seemed like a harmless elderly couple, if slightly put out at being rehoused by the council due to the imminent demolition of the tower block they’ve lived in for 40 years.

Early signs they were carrying a dark secret (they’ll fit in very well) came when disapproving Joyce spied a box Ted had brought from the old flat, and pointedly said they should ‘keep then past in the past’.


Later on, Joyce demanded to know why Ted had kept the box and its mysterious contents. ‘You know why,’ he said, as Joyce demanded he hide it away – and she didn’t want to know where. Opening the box after his wife left the room, Ted took out a gun and gripped it tightly, before putting it back…

Why on earth are these two plucky pensioners packing a pistol? Does it have something to do with their previous links to Walford? Dot Branning was once Ted and Joyce’s neighbour in the tower block before she moved to the Square, and the Murrays talked about how their son Alan used to hang out with Dot’s boy Nick when they were kids – is the as-yet-unseen Alan Murray another nasty Nick Cotton? Is Ted’s gun there to protect him from his own son? 

Or is it connected to the imminent arrival of the Taylors, Walford’s next new family? The recent trailer revealed the two clans know each other and have clashed in the past, did they live in the tower as well?


EastEnders has been deliberately secretive about what’s in store for the Murrays, so they’re definitely ones to watch over the coming weeks… 

Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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