Hollyoaks: Warren attacks Joel in huge showdown – here’s what happens next

Huge secrets are revealed as Warren discovers what Joel's been hiding


Hollyoaks’ Warren Fox flipped in tonight’s E4 episode, punching son Joel Dexter as he discovered he was back on drugs. With the secret of Bart McQueen’s murder taking its toll on Foxy, he now plans to confess to the crime.


As the fallout of this week’s dramatic car crash continued, heartbroken Cleo McQueen was desperate for revenge on Joel for choosing the church over their relationship, and spitefully told Warren his son had fallen off the wagon and was using drugs again.

Wild Warren confronted his son and a dramatic showdown ensued at their flat, ending with the frantic father sticking his fist in his son’s face – it was only Sienna Blake’s return that stopped things going any further.

Later cooling down and confiding in Sienna how guilty he feels for making Joel lie about Bart McQueen’s murder, it appeared Warren was having a wobble about keeping the killing quiet.

But of course Warren still doesn’t realise it wasn’t just his dad bumping off Bart that drove Joel back to drugs – Father Dexter is also carrying the burden of the fact he gave the drugs to Warren’s sister Katy that resulted in her death, not Bart. That’s one almighty secret yet to emerge, but surely it’s only a matter of time…

Warren ended tonight’s episode announcing to lawyer James Nightingale he was about to confess to a big crime – and as Anna Passey (aka Sienna) revealed in our recent interview it looks like the truth about Bart could be uncovered in upcoming episodes.

Can Sienna stop her lover blabbing and potentially abandoning her and their unborn twins? Will Joel be the one to tell the police about Bart? And will he ever reveal the truth about Katy’s demise to his dad?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.