Hollyoaks: Prince survives but is charged for causing the crash – here’s what happens next

The McQueen teen also takes the blame for Shane's robbery


Hollyoaks has revealed Prince McQueen’s fate after his dramatic collapse last night, and while he survived his brush with death he’s now been charged with causing the car crash and has taken the blame for his dad Shane Sweeney’s robbery at the school.


In tonight’s E4 instalment, police found Prince unconscious at the school, passed out from delayed injuries caused by the recent crash, and having been abandoned by Shane with the stolen camera equipment.

A life-saving operation in hospital put the McQueen teen in the clear, medically speaking – but then the cops came calling to discuss his part in the crash and he was charged with driving without a licence and reckless driving. And when questioned about being found at the scene of a burglary, loyal Prince refused to dob his dad in, who Goldie had called to be at their son’s bedside, unaware he’d left him to die after the robbery (the fact Shane came running show’s a small glimmer of a guilty conscience in the gangster…

So Prince ended tonight’s instalment also charged with his dodgy dad’s crime. Despite Goldie cottoning on to Shane framing his own flesh and blood and threatening him to come clean, the sly Mr Sweeney smirked that his son wouldn’t betray his own father, so Shane is in the clear. For now…

Next week, Goldie’s had enough of shifty Shane and attempts to bribe him to leave town – he eventually agrees, but secretly asks Prince to leave with him.

Is gullible Prince going down a dark path just like his feckless criminal father? Or can Goldie get her son on the straight and narrow and force him to face up to the consequences of the crash?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.