Emmerdale: Carly to leave with Matt?

Who will Carly choose: Matt or Marlon?


Is Marlon Dingle about to left heartbroken by a surprise turn of events in next week’s Emmerdale?


It’s certainly starting to look that way thanks to the continued presence of Carly’s ex-boyfriend Matt, who makes an offer that she’ll find hard to refuse.

Upcoming episodes of the ITV soap find Marlon steeling himself to propose again, only to get cold feet after spotting Carly and Matt in deep discussion.


And it seems that Marlon is right to be wary: pretty soon, Matt will be seen confessing his true feelings to Carly before leaning in for a kiss and asking her to leave with him.

Meanwhile, a sympathetic Laurel assures Marlon of his own worth and – in a state of emotional turmoil – he can’t help but try and kiss his ex-wife.

With both Marlon and Carly now feeling guilty about their actions, will they now choose to confess to each other? And where do Carly’s true feelings lie: with Matt or with Marlon?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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