Neighbours: Terese and Gary announce their engagement next week

Has Brooke missed the boat to get back with her ex?


Wedding bells are ringing in Ramsay Street next week when Terese Willis and Gary Canning announce their engagement – breaking Brooke’s heart in the process, as she’d pinned her hopes on a second chance with her ex. 


Spending the next week laying the groundwork for a reconciliation with Gary, loved up Brooke thinks she’s in with a proper shout as she spends more time with her former husband while planning daughter Xanthe’s birthday celebrations.

But what about love rival Terese Willis? Brooke tries a bit of reverse psychology and attempts to convince Gary to make a grand gesture for the tough-talking hotel manager thinking her double bluff will result in the couple finally falling apart, meaning she can swoop in.


However, the plan clearly backfires as Gary attends Xanthe’s party with Terese on his arm – and she’s sporting an engagement ring! The pair confirm they intend to get hitched and as the birthday party becomes an impromptu engagement celebration, how will Brooke cope with this bombshell? Is it really over for her and Gary? And can volatile couple Gary and Terese really make a go of a marriage?


Neighbours airs this episode on Friday 26 May on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.