Neighbours: Sonya lapses back into gambling – with shocking results

A high-stakes poker game? Bad idea, Son...


Neighbours’ Sonya Rebecchi’s descent back into addiction continues next week as she takes part in a poker game.


In next Tuesday’s episode, stressed Son invites herself into an illegal poker night run by Leo Tanaka. Her pal is concerned for the recovering addict’s state of mind when she takes a place at the table, but single-minded Sonya is on a mission and her old demons soon take hold.

Considering the year she’s had, what with her husband cheating on her with his ex who returned from the dead – except she didn’t because she was a fraudster – and losing their baby as well as her best mate making a move on her, it’s hardly surprising Sonya has slipped back into old habits and she’s already hit the bottle having sworn off the booze for years following past problems with drink and gambling.

Now her penchant for poker has reared its head again, it looks like there’s no hope for poor Mrs R. But will Leo really let her fall off the wagon so spectacularly? Will Toadie find out what his wife’s been up to, wrecking any hope of a reconciliation for the Rebecchi marriage? Meanwhile, suspicion builds that Sonya was to blame for the backpackers hostel crash – could she have been the one behind the wheel the morning after her drunken night on the tiles? 


Neighbours airs this episode on Tuesday 23 May on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.