Neighbours: Toadie wants custody of Nell – plus Gary and Terese are in crisis

15-19 May 2017: And Tyler is shocked when Piper makes a decision about their future


Your guide to all next week’s drama on Neighbours:


Monday 15 May

The neighbourhood celebrates Mothers’ Day, but some of the residents do not get what they were hoping for. Brooke and Gary’s plans take them on a journey, but their absence is likely to be noticed. With a major work event coming up, Sonya struggles to keep her emotions in check. 

Tuesday 16 May

Sonya falls off the wagon again, and things go from bad to worse when Steph shows her an article from the West Waratah Star. Gary and Brooke’s scheming is undone when Sheila catches them in the act. Piper tells a shocked Tyler that she would rather stay at home than move in with him. 

Wednesday 17 May

Toadie wants to take custody of Nell until Sonya is sober again, and is unconvinced when she protests that she would never do anything to harm her. Terese is suspicious of Gary’s behaviour and assumes the worst. Susan tells Elly that there is to be a thorough investigation of her teaching history. 

Thursday 18 May

After a confrontation with Terese, Gary is confused and left with many unanswered questions. Finn puts his plan to become school principal into operation, but has he underestimated Susan? As Paige’s pregnancy approaches its final stages, she realises that she has nobody to turn to in her hour of need. 


Friday 19 May

David is surprised when Will invites him on a date, which he nervously accepts. Leo is under pressure to come up with the cash to cover a repair bill at the Backpackers, and David is worried that he might do something rash. Finn is no longer playing by the rules and his actions have severe repercussions.