Emmerdale: knife threat for Dan – here’s what happens next

Teen thug Josh forced Dan to retract his statement


Beleaguered Dan Spencer has withdrawn his statement to the police in tonight’s Emmerdale after being threatened by knife-wielding teen thug Josh.


Ever since he identified Josh and Jamie as being the ones responsible for the recent raid on David’s shop, Dan has faced escalating threats, from ‘Grass’ being spray-painted on the wall of his house to the slashing of his car’s tyres.


Despite initially remaining resolute that the pair would pay for their crime, Dan ended up buckling under the pressure after Josh brandished a knife and made veiled comments about the lives of the mechanic’s nearest and dearest being at risk.


In the wake of Dan’s decision, both Eric and David will be left deeply unimpressed. But worse is to come when Josh and Jamie return to the shop and rile Pollard, who is left reaching for a cricket bat. And when Eric is later left terrified in his own home, David can’t help but blame Dan for the situation.

Emmerdale fans can then expect the storyline to take a frightening new turn when Tracy visits Pollard to check up on him, but upon opening the door, he swings the cricket bat at her, mistaking her for an intruder…


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