Neighbours: Tyler confronts T-Bone in violent attack next week

Is the bullying backpacker responsible for the crash that injured Piper and David?


Tyler Brennan goes on the attack in Neighbours next week when he tracks down teen tearaway T-Bone.


As the locals reel from the dramatic events at the backpacker hostel that saw Amy Williams’s ute driven into the building causing much destruction and devastation, Tyler reckons he knows who’s to blame. 

Convinced T-Bone – a cocky Canadian backpacker who harassed Ty’s girlfriend Piper Willis but who the buff Mr Brennan told to sling his hook – could be the one responsible for reversing the ute into the building and put Piper and David Tanaka in hospital, Tyler vows to track him down with the aid of newcomer Mishti Sharma. 

In scenes from next Wednesday’s episode, Tyler has found T-Bone and launches a vicious physical attack on the toxic tourist – but his emotions get the better of him and it appears the fight quickly gets out of hand.

Could Tyler end up in trouble after the showdown? Can Mishti stop him before he does something he really regrets? Is T-Bone really involved with the crash? And how will Piper feel about her boyfriend’s violent outburst?


Neighbours broadcasts this episode on Wednesday 10 May on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.