Emmerdale: Eric Pollard is brutally beaten in savage attack – will he die?

Pollard is hit with a baseball bat in next week's episodes


Eric Pollard is to be set upon by teen thugs in next week’s Emmerdale, with fans set to be left fearing that the long-standing village resident will breathe his last.


The upcoming storyline begins Pollard’s son David arranges a book launch for Tracy, only for Josh and Jamie to nick a copy of the novel and proceed to wind Jacob up about the content.

Their torment of Jacob sees them demanding that he steal money from the shop during the launch. But when he refuses, they’re forced to come up with another plan.

Later on, covered in hoods, they enter the shop and demand cash from Pollard – but when he stands up to them, they hit in the stomach with a baseball bat as a frightened Dan watches on, frozen to the spot.


After the would-be thieves flee, Dan calls an ambulance, ashamed by his failure to step in. But will his moment of shock result in Pollard meeting his maker?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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