EastEnders: Shirley forges Mick’s signature as she sells the Queen Vic’s freehold

But has she just made things ten times worse for the Carters?


Shirley Carter has sold the Queen Vic’s freehold on tonight’s EastEnders – forging son Mick’s signature in the process. But will she come to regret her decision?


Tonight’s episode saw Shirley break the news that Linda had agreed to sell, but that Mick wasn’t to know just yet. A worried Whitney then called Mick and left a message but was caught in the act by Woody, who reminded her that she was just an employee.

Shirley then took it upon herself to forge Mick’s name on the paperwork before throwing herself into Ladies’ Night celebrations at the Walford boozer.


But as the night came to an end, Max approached Shirley and informed her that consultants from the business she’d sold to would soon be visiting, explaining that their aim would be to “maximise profits”.


So will the incomers be bringing about big change at the Vic? And is the Carters’ future going to be put under threat now that they’re not in sole control?

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