Hollyoaks: Warren buries Bart’s body in Amy’s grave – and Joel knows! What happens next?

Will Warren be brought down by his own son?


There was a gruesome twist in tonight’s Hollyoaks when Warren Fox disposed of Bart McQueen’s dead body by burying it in Amy Barnes’s grave. But Warren’s son Joel Dexter knows what his murdering dad did – will he tell the police?


E4’s first look episode focused on the day of Amy’s funeral, but that wasn’t the only reason emotions were running high in the village – Warren was sweating after the van containing Bart’s corpse wrapped up in an old carpet was stolen, meaning his killer secret was in danger of being exposed.

It turned out his do-gooding son had taken the vehicle without asking to run an errand, but hadn’t yet discovered the cadaver in the back. Worried Warren tracked down the van to the church where trainee priest Joel was overseeing the funeral service.

Frantic Foxy got there in the nick of time as Joel was about to nab the tatty rolled-up rug to make the church hall more homely, but Warren urged him to get to work inside as mourners were arriving – raising Joel’s suspicions his dad was to something. 


As Ryan and Mike delivered heartfelt eulogies to Amy at the lectern, desperate Warren couldn’t get the van to start and was forced to think on his feet – and dragged the body out into the cemetery chucking it into the open grave before the coffin was led out for the burial! 

After the service, Joel found Bart’s wallet on the ground by the van and questioned the whereabouts of the missing McQueen, who everyone thinks did a runner on Good Friday. Knowing his dad wanted Bart dead, Warren’s haunted expression, shifty demeanour and mud on his clothes all led Joel to join the dots to get the horrifying truth – not only did Warren murder Bart, he’s buried her in Amy’s grave! 


What will Joel do now? Keep quiet? Tell the cops? Tell the McQueens? Will he discover Sienna is also in on it? Or could he confess to Warren that he was the one who gave Katy the drugs that killed her, not Bart? If Warren realises he killed the wrong man, will Joel find himself spending eternity with Bart and Amy?


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.