Neighbours: David kisses Aaron next week

Will it be love at last for these two?


David Tanaka surprises Aaron Brennan with a kiss in next week’s Neighbours – but doesn’t get the reaction he hoped for. 


In Tuesday’s episode, it’s Anzac Day – Australia’s national day of remembrance for military veterans – and David spends some time with pal Aaron and the guys end up discussing their connection to the emotional day. 

As our spoiler picture shows, the bonding gets very emotional as David then stuns Aaron by moving in for a kiss – and Aaron is taken aback. 

Later in the week, there’s a case of crossed wires as David struggles to understand Aaron’s behaviour towards him. Does Aaron reject his advances? Is newly-out David ready for a relationship at last with the buff Mr Brennan after months of will they/won’t they antics?

On Friday, David seeks divine inspiration and ends up confiding in Father Jack about his feelings. No stranger to being tormented by your emotions, Jack encourages David to follow his heart… but is David really ready to take the plunge?


Neighbours continues on Channel 5 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.