Home and Away: Nate’s treatment of Billie is questioned – plus Ash receives shock news

17-21 April 2017: And Matt agrees to go to Vietnam with Evie


Monday 17 April


Phoebe faces eviction and is delighted when Justin suggests that she could move in with him. Riley’s true colours are revealed when Tori discovers that he falsified information in a medical report on Nate’s treatment of Billie. John agrees to undergo major surgery, despite the risks. 

Tuesday 18 April

After VJ heads off for school, Ash and Leah clash over the best way to care for Luc. Nate is cautiously optimistic after performing major surgery on John, but it is clear that the road to recovery will be bumpy. Tori and Brody object to Justin’s suggestion that Phoebe move in with the family, but Tori later changes her mind and persuades Brody to do the same. 

Wednesday 19 April

Zac continues to be plagued by guilt – and Sam’s proximity is no help. Leah and VJ realise that they are struggling to cope and agree to allow Ash and Irene to help with Luc’s care. A reluctant Kat formally notifies Alf and Marilyn that John is to face charges of arson. Marilyn is shocked when John tells her that he is considering a guilty plea. 

Thursday 20 April

Matt has realised that Zac slept with Sam. He urges Zac not to tell Leah about the affair and confronts Sam, who remains unrepentant. Zac leaves town for a conference. Olivia is apprehensive about starting university and tells Hunter of her fears. Matt tells Evie that he is happy to come to Vietnam with her. 


Friday 21 April

Mason seems to be reconciled to losing Olivia, but one of her fellow students shows signs of interest in him. Matt’s plans are thrown into chaos when Ellie makes it clear that she has no intention of going to Vietnam. Ash and Kat’s reunion is disturbed when Ash gets a message that there is no official record of his brother’s death.