Emmerdale: Robert reels as Rebecca’s baby secret is revealed – here’s what happens next

Robron wrecked by the patter of tiny feet?


Rebecca White’s pregnancy has been revealed in Emmerdale, with both Robert Sugden and Ross Barton reeling from the baby bombshell as both think they could be the father.


The secret was exposed in tonight’s episode thanks to blabbermouth Victoria Sugden, who mistakenly thought Ross Barton already knew his girlfriend was up the duff as she laid into him for flirting with ex Debbie in the Woolie. Ross was rocked as Vic unwittingly revealed all, and ran out to the middle of Main Street to confront Rebecca.

At that moment, Robert and Aaron were strolling back from a romantic picnic and crossed paths with Rebecca when a raging Ross ran up the road shouting: “Is it true? Are you pregnant?”

Robert went a panicky shade of pale as the realisation dawned on him that if Ms White is with child, he could well be responsible following their illicit tryst while Aaron was behind bars.

As Rebecca and her boyfriend took themselves off for an emotional pow-wow about this unscheduled visit from the stork, Ross eventually calmed down, stopped shouting and gave her one of his manly hugs.

Rebecca turned on the waterworks as Ross pledged he’d stand by her whatever she decided to do, but she kept quiet about her liaison with another man…

Meanwhile, Robert could barely conceal his horror and later slipped off to track down Rebecca on his own and demanded to know if the baby was his.

Branding this as just another of Rebecca’s “pathetic little schemes” to break up him and Aaron, defiant Rob told her it wouldn’t work – when Rebecca blurted out the baby was actually his. Devastated, Robert begged her not to tell Aaron as he worked out Rebecca hadn’t told Ross he might not be the father.

Confessing that if Aaron knew it would break them, Rebecca hissed “maybe you should’ve thought about that before you slept with someone else…” then sashayed off to Home Farm (possibly to swipe through designer maternity wear ranges on her iPad?).

On Wednesday Ross and Robert clash when the Barton bad boy gets the chance to extort money from the sly Mr Sugden. Does this mean he knows Robert betrayed Aaron by getting randy with Rebecca and could be the kid’s dad?

There’s still the nagging feeling among some fans that Robert never actually slept with Rebecca in the first place and he was too drunk to remember what happened that night. And the speed at which Rebecca said Rob was the babydaddy in tonight’s episode was suspiciously quick – almost as if she was making this whole thing up as she went along…

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