EastEnders: Whitney steals Vincent’s credit card – will she get found out?

Will Whit start taking money that's not hers?


Whitney (Shona McGarty) has gone to desperate lengths to solve the Carters’ cash crisis on tonight’s EastEnders by swiping Vincent’s credit card.


As viewers saw, the family faces huge financial pressure thanks to much-needed care for dog Lady Di as well as the cost of Sylvie’s upcoming funeral.

When Kim tuned up at the Vic loaded down with bags following a shopping spree, she naively boasted about husband Vincent never checking his bank statements.

Taking advantage, Whitney then placed a bar mat over Vincent’s card before deftly moving it into her awaiting grasp.

Viewers have yet to see whether Whitney will now start to plunder Vincent’s account in order to pay for the Carters’ outgoings.

But with Vincent now wise to Kim’s spending, it’s surely only a matter of time before he starts checking that ‘Paid Out’ column on his account…

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