Coronation Street horror: Sally receives a pig’s heart! Will her troll strike again?

Find out what happens in the wake of tonight's grisly drama


The grisly contents of a parcel sent to Sally Webster have been revealed in scenes broadcast on tonight’s Coronation Street.


As it turns out, Sally’s trolls had upped the ante by sending a pig’s heart to the factory – the horrific sight leaving poor Sal in floods of tears.

As she broke down in Tim’s arms, Sally went on to reveal all about the vile messages she’s received as well as the death notice published in the local paper.

A horrified Tim then swore revenge on the perpetrator before insisting that his wife shut down her social media accounts. But when he suggested that she also step down from the council, Sally refused, adamant that she had to go to the town hall to attend an LGBTQI event.

Wednesday’s episode of Corrie will see Sally turn up at the venue as planned, flanked by daughters Rosie and Sophie.

A suspicious Tim follows on close behind and while his wife is making her speech, he notices a woman break away from the crowd. Convinced that she’s the stalker, Tim grabs the phone and stamps on it. 

But as a fracas ensues and the police are called, will it turn out that Tim has made a terrible mistake?


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