Coronation Street: Nathan attacks Mel as he shows his true colours

A tense scene saw Nathan trap Mel's hand in a cash register


Sinister Nathan Curtis has shown more of the dark side to his personality in tonight’s Coronation Street when he deliberately injured sidekick Mel.


Shock scenes just broadcast on the ITV soap saw Nathan lash out by trapping Mel’s hand in the cash till at the tanning salon where they both work.

The attack came in the wake of Bethany venting her fury after coming across a picture of Nathan kissing Mel on Mel’s laptop.  

Confronting Nathan over her discovery, Bethany ended up doubting her relationship after he told her to stop acting like a spoilt child.

Later in this evening’s double bill, viewers saw Nathan fretting about his plans for Bethany being jeopardised before taking his anger out in Mel, warning her that she would be taking Bethany’s place should she make the same mistake again.

Although it hasn’t yet been made overt, Nathan is secretly grooming Bethany for sexual exploitation, having hinted to a friend that he can have sex with her when she’s “ready”. Speaking recently about where the plotline is headed, show boss Kate Oates said recently

“It will continue to be a slow-burner – we’re playing it out over a real time frame and not shying away from the details.

“Bethany’s mum Sarah is currently under the misapprehension that she’s clued up about everything her daughter is going through – but it’s actually beyond her wildest nightmares.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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