Emmerdale: Rebecca White is pregnant – is Robert the dad? Here’s what happens next

Baby bombshell could wreck Robron’s future


Emmerdale have confirmed Rebecca White’s pregnancy in tonight’s episode, kicking off a ‘who’s the daddy?’ plot for the posh princess of Home Farm.


Pal Victoria badgered Becky throughout tonight’s episodes convinced she might be up the duff, and eventually convinced her to take a test. When it came back as positive, Rebecca was reeling and her shifty expression when Vic commented on how quickly Ross got her pregnant clearly set alarm bells off that perhaps Ross isn’t the dad…


Robert and Aaron then strolled in after a deep and meaningful chat, full of optimism for their ‘new start’ after Aaron’s prison ordeal – and as Rebecca shot Robert a furtive glance and lingered outside the door, Robron fans prepared themselves for another bump in the road for the boys.

Next week, the baby bombshell threatens to explode at any minute. On Monday, Robert and Aaron hear some shocking news – could this be linked to Rebecca’s pregnancy? Later in the week in Wednesday’s episode, bad boy Ross gets an opportunity to extort money from Robert and gleefully holds him to ransom…


Has the Barton bad boy discovered slippery Mr Sugden got in the sack with his girlfriend while Aaron was behind bars? Is that why he’s got him over a barrel? Do either of the fellas even realise Rebecca is expecting a child? Will Rebecca let Ross think the baby is his? And did anyone really expect Robron to be happy for more than five minutes?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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