Coronation Street: news of Sally’s ‘death’ sparks major upset

Sally's trolls are getting really vicious in next week's episodes


Sally’s trolls will continue to make her life a misery in next week’s Coronation Street when her obituary is published in the Weatherfield Gazette.


A horrified Sally will try to mask her fear in front of the factory girls, but when she receives some threatening texts, her facade quickly crumbles.

Worse is to come, though, when – in scenes to be shown on Monday 10 April – Sally receives an horrific parcel through the post and ends up breaking down in the arms of husband Tim.

A horrified Tim then swears revenge on the perpetrator and insists that Sally close all her social media accounts. But a determined Sally insists on continuing with her council duties, turning up for an event at the town hall flanked by daughters Rosie and Sophie.

A suspicious Tim follows on close behind and while his wife is making her speech, he notices a woman break away from the crowd. Convinced that she’s the stalker, Tim grabs the phone and stamps on it. 

But as a fracas ensues and the police are called, will it turn out that Tim has made a terrible mistake?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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