Neighbours: Mark and Sonya grieve – while Paige decides to leave

27-31 March 2017: Plus Sheila makes a hasty decision which she soon regrets


Monday 27 March


Toadie is desperate to get in touch with Sonya and make amends, but realises that it may be too late. Paige decides to leave Erinsborough despite Jack’s attempts to persuade her to change her mind. Holding Toadie responsible for Sonya’s stress, Mark seems in danger of spiralling out of control. 

Tuesday 28 March

Time is running out as Toadie rushes to be with Sonya before the memorial. Jack demonstrates how much the Erinsborough community means to him. His efforts inspire support from Paige and Lauren, but whether he can regain his place within the community remains to be seen. 

Wednesday 29 March

Sonya and Toadie finally meet to consider their future—if they have one after Sonya makes her feelings clear. Mark struggles with his anger and puts all the blame on Toadie. Sheila feels threatened by Terese’s growing influence on her family and decides on a precipitous course of action without considering the consequences. 

Thursday 30 March

Hearing that their mother is coming to Erinsborough, Leo and David look forward to the prospect of confronting her about the identity of their father. Sheila belatedly realises that she has made a terrible mistake and that there is going to be hell to pay. 


Friday 31 March

David digs into his family’s past, following a series of clues that he hopes will lead him to his father. Leo and Amy struggle to hide their feelings for each other, despite Leo’s mother’s evident disapproval. After tensions rise between the two, Elly confronts Finn but things do not go exactly to plan.