Emmerdale: Chas and Faith in major showdown next week

Can mother and daughter ever kiss and make up?


Prepare for emotional – and noisy – scenes in Emmerdale next week as Chas and Faith Dingle have a fiery confrontation. Will it clear the air between the warring mother and daughter, or just make it worse?


Despite her tough exterior, Faith is still hurt at the hostility from Chas since she came back into her life so granddaughter Debbie decides to broker peace between the pair. 

Getting the Dingle divas together and forcing them to have it out is no mean feat, but on Wednesday eager-to-assist Deb eventually manages to convince Chas to be in the same room as Faith for longer than a few seconds… Surprisingly, they don’t kill each other immediately, but their conversation is pretty brutal with no punches pulled on either side.

Eventually, having picked apart their complicated relationship, the women appear to reach some kind of understanding – but the truce is short-lived as Faith physically recoils when Chas tries to give her mum a hug. Feeling rejected yet again, it’s the last straw for angry Chas. Why did Faith push her away, and will these two ever find a way to put the past behind them? 


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