Home and Away: Justin develops an infection – plus disaster strikes at the baby blessing

27-31 March 2017: And Zac is disconcerted by the appearance of an old friend


Monday 27 March


Justin plans a romantic dinner for himself and Phoebe, but by rushing things he jeopardises his recuperation. Mason realises that he cannot allow Olivia to distract him from his studies. Tori’s decision is effectively taken out of her hands. Under pressure to catch the arsonist, Kat questions Hunter, but a new piece of evidence hints at a breakthrough. 

Tuesday 28 March

Justin has developed a post-operative infection, which is unpleasant but treatable. Marilyn and John persuade the doctors to release her from hospital, but stepping in as her carer, John begins to suspect that he has bitten off more than he can chew. Tori gets a second chance with Nate, but Riley is clearly not prepared to give her up without a fight. 

Wednesday 29 March

While Justin recovers in hospital, Phoebe discovers a jewellery box at his home. She fears that she is about to receive an un- wanted marriage proposal—or does she? VJ and Billie are struggling to come to terms with parenthood, while Leah tries to deal with her disappointment. Still investigating the fire, Kat detects that Alf is acting evasively. 

Thursday 30 March

Leah finally snaps and rants at Zac, but Billie overhears. The two air their complaints, but reach only an uneasy peace. Evelyn invites Matt and Ellie to join her on holiday, making Matt uncomfortable. Zac is thrown by the return of Sam Webster, his former editor, especially when he finds out what she wants. 


Friday 31 March

Zac tells Sam that there is nothing between them and that she should leave Summer Bay immediately, but she is clearly in no mood to go anywhere. Unfortunately, Leah overhears their conversation. Hunter is devastated to see the growing bond between Mason and Olivia. Luc’s baby blessing goes disastrously wrong when Billie collapses.