Emmerdale: Carly to flee? “It could be the last we see of her,” says Gemma Atkinson

Will Carly's getaway go to plan?


Gemma Atkinson has hinted that next week’s episodes of Emmerdale could be the last to feature her character Carly Hope.


An upcoming storyline will see Carly plan to flee after failing to help young April when she chokes violently on a sweet. As Marlon rushes in to save the life of his daughter, questions are soon being asked as to why Carly froze.

Finding the pressure too much, Carly plans a getaway – and actress Atkinson has warned fans that she could definitely be headed for the exit door:

“It could well be the last we see of Carly. She’s doing a runner because she’s desperate – and everyone knows that she’s run away from relationships in the past. But this is Emmerdale and there are twists and turns, so watch this space.”

The reason for Carly’s lack of action where April is concerned is, of course, tied to her unresolved feelings regarding her own baby son Billy, who tragically died. Added Atkinson:

“Carly blames herself for Billy’s cot death and she hasn’t dealt with that guilt. She’s convinced that Billy died because she did something wrong and that she’s not cut out to be a mother.

“So the fact that she hasn’t helped April has subconsciously brought all these memories back to the surface. She has a lot of fear – I think she needs a good therapy session. She’s dealing with so much grief, but it’s all internalised. 

“And, by running away, Carly’s just cutting her losses because she feels that she’s only going to let Marlon and April down.”

Fans will, of course, be rooting for Carly to reconsider and stay with Marlon, who – it has to said – comes to understand why she acted in the way she did. And Atkinson too expressed hope that the pair will be able to work through their latest troubles:

“We’ve had some really sweet comments about the relationship. Someone said we were like Peter Crouch and Abbey Clancy – on paper they shouldn’t work, but they really do.

“What we’re trying to say with the storyline is that it isn’t all about what you physically look like – it’s about how you’re treated and looked after emotionally. And how your partner respects you and makes you happy. So Carly and Marlon are perfect for each other, in that sense. I want them to have a happy ending.”

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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