Coronation Street showdown: Ken is “very harsh” to Sinead and badmouths Deirdre, says Katie McGlynn

"Ken doesn’t want Sinead to get in the way of Daniel’s big life beyond the Street"


Sinead will bear the brunt of Ken’s rage in next week’s Coronation Street when they go to war over Daniel’s future. After finding out that Daniel has turned down a place at Oxford, Ken lashes out at Sinead and accuses her of holding his son back.


“Ken is very harsh to Sinead,” says Katie McGlynn. “Ken looks down on her and he has all these big ideas for Daniel of things he wants him to do because he didn’t get the chance to do them. Ken is really mean when he says that Sinead is just a factory girl – that really gets to Sinead because she knows she is not as book smart as Daniel.”

A hurt Sinead will then reveal that she’s pregnant with Daniel’s baby – a piece of bombshell news that leaves Ken reeling. In the heat of the moment, the Barlow patriarch then starts to rant at Sinead about his wasted life with Deirdre and how he wants better for Daniel. Adds McGlynn:

“Ken says that Sinead is to Daniel what Deirdre was to Ken. Ken doesn’t want Sinead to get in the way of Daniel’s big life beyond the Street because that’s what happened with Deirdre and Ken.”

In the end, though, it seems that Sinead is destined to be dealt a further blow to her fledgling relationship with Daniel – by next Friday, she’ll be seen telling her boyfriend that she’s had a miscarriage and that he’s now free to go to Oxford:

“Daniel is devastated and Sinead’s in tears. It’s still a new relationship for them, but they’ve been through so much already. They’ve had to deal with a lot of heartache when they still should have been in the honeymoon period of a relationship.”

So will Ken get his wish and see Daniel and Sinead break up? Or will Daniel pledge his future to Sinead rather than Oxford?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.

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