Coronation Street: stalker Chloe wrecks Peter’s life

Peter could lose everything as Chloe spreads poison about him around Weatherfield


Peter Barlow is accused of lying, cheating and drinking in Coronation Street next week – but – for a change – none of it’s true, and he’s the victim of a vicious revenge campaign from the dangerous Chloe.


Toyah suspects her boyfriend is up to something dodgy when she finds a hidden stash of cash in their flat during Monday’s episode. Deciding to keep quiet, Toyah chats with Peter about a regular Street Cars customer who’s being bothered by their ex. Thinking it’s a bloke and not a glamorous maneating woman out to steal her fella, Toyah encourages Peter to check up on them.

Calling at Chloe’s and fixing bolts to the doors, Peter gets more than he bargained for when his client/semi-stalker makes another pass at him – but will he be tempted? 

Back home Toyah confronts Peter about the cash and he insists it’s to fund their IVF – but Toyah’s not totally buying it… 

On Friday Peter is shocked to see Chloe at the Rovers, where she’s making a cash offer for the pub which Steve and Liz are seriously considering. Furious at her turning up on his doorstep and trying to deliberately derail his pub purchase plans, Peter angrily ushers her outside and demands she stay away from him and the Street.

Curious Ken spots the exchange and approaches Chloe after Peter leaves – and the bitchy brunette tells him she’s had a row with her ‘secret boyfriend’ Peter who’s stolen £2k from her, is cheating on his partner and is back on the booze!

Swallowing her pack of lies, reeling Ken tells Toyah that Peter’s been having an affair and is drinking again. Shellshocked, how will Toyah react? Could Peter lose everything thanks to Chloe’s cruel hate campaign?

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