Coronation Street: Sinead loses the baby as Daniel faces a difficult choice

Ken's interference causes heartache for the couple in next week's episodes


Pregnant Sinead Tinker’s world is turned upside down in next week’s Coronation Street when she tells boyfriend Daniel she’s suffered a miscarriage – but was Daniel ever really committed to their relationship? 


The unlikely couple face pressure from Daniel’s dad Ken, who thinks his son is throwing away his chances of academic success by settling down at such a young age. In Monday’s episode, when Ken hears from Robert that Daniel has been offered a place at Oxford, he’s delighted and organises an impromptu family meal in the bistro to celebrate.

However, Daniel has decided to turn down Oxford and has told Sinead his future is with her and their unborn baby – but the torn lad can barely convince himself of his pledge, let alone his insecure girlfriend.

Arriving at the bistro to Ken congratulating him, Daniel is forced to point out his father’s got the wrong end of the stick and he’s ditching uni for his girlfriend, but the damage is done and Sinead is upset that their relationship is doomed by Daniel’s academic ambitions once again.

Summoning Sinead to the Barlow house for a one-to-one chat, Ken begs her to dump Daniel and let him follow his Oxford dream – but is stunned when Sinead reveals she’s pregnant with Daniel’s baby. Ranting about how being tied down with Deirdre ruined his life, Sinead is shocked at cruel Ken’s tirade – as is Tracy, who overhears her adopted dad slating the memory of her late mum.

By Friday, Sinead is in total turmoil and has disappeared, while Ken desperately tries to make Daniel see he only wants what’s best for him. Searching for his girlfriend so they can make amends, Daniel is devastated when a tearful Sinead delivers the tragic news that she’s suffered a miscarriage and he’s free to go to Oxford.

Where do Daniel and Sinead go from here? Can he forgive Ken for interfering in his life? And what will Tracy do after hearing her dad’s outburst?

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