Emmerdale: Finn Barton heads off to Australia

Emma's efforts to persuade her son to stay were unsuccessful


Finn Barton has left the village of Emmerdale behind for a break in Australia – despite mum Emma’s best efforts to get him to stay.


Scenes just broadcast on the ITV soap saw Emma put Finn’s passport in the bin, only to have her plot rumbled for Finn and Ross.

After Emma handed the passport back, Finn revealed that he would return and just needed time to grieve following the death of his dad James.


Recent episodes of Emmerdale saw Finn lash out at ex-lover Kasim and trash his room, only to later realise that he hadn’t worked through his feelings about his late father.

What Finn doesn’t realise, of course, is that deranged Emma was actually the person responsible for James’s demise.

RadioTimes.com understands that we haven’t seen the last of Finn, but as for whether he uncovers the dark secret at the heart of the Barton family remains to be seen…

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