EastEnders: Lauren to discover Max’s big secret?

Is Max's nefarious plan set to be exposed?


EastEnders fans hoping for more clues as to what Max Branning is up to may just get their wish in next week’s episodes of the BBC1 soap.


Ever since Max recently met with his shadowy contact at the Shard, viewers have been wondering about what his intentions actually are. Could he really be a sleeper agent for some shady property developers planning on razing the Square to the ground?

Well, next week, we’ll see Lauren getting very suspicious about Max’s job, but will she end up stumbling on the truth?


The upcoming storyline finds Lauren working to bring her family back together and encouraging Abi to host a dinner with Max. But when Max fails to open up about his job, Lauren starts to think that something isn’t right.

Scenes to be shown on Friday 17 March will then see Lauren decide to visit Max in his workplace, but will she get to the bottom of it all? Are Max’s malign intentions about to be revealed?


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