Coronation Street: Sinead is pregnant!

But is it a mini-Ches or a mini-Daniel?


Coronation Street is lining up a surprise pregnancy for Sinead Tinker.


The kooky machinist discovers she’s up the duff next week, but as she recently dumped Chesney to shack up with Daniel Osbourne (taking his virginity, the minx) could we be looking at a ‘who’s the daddy?’ plot?


Heartbroken Chesney thinks his ex has had a change of heart on Monday when she asks if she can bob round for a chat. Let’s assume she doesn’t say what Ches wants to hear, because by Wednesday’s episode the angry lad is selling off Ms Tinker’s belongings at Prima Doner (Gemma’s bright idea for revenge).

Disgruntled Daniel rushes to defend his lady’s honour and squares up to his love rival, leading to a showdown for two of Weatherfield’s least scary fellas among the shish kebabs.


Wracked with guilt over his tantrum, Chesney apologises to Sinead and on Friday gives her a hotel voucher he’d intended for the two of them by way of an apology.

As Sinead books her mini-break, she checks the dates calendar and comes to a shocking realisation… taking Auntie Beth to one side at the factory, she reveals she’s pregnant!

Beth’s advice to her niece is to keep her gob shut (for a change), but back at the flat Daniel discovers the pregnancy testing kit. How will he react? 

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