EastEnders: Denise changes her mind about the adoption?

And is Kim about to find out Phil Mitchell is the daddy?


Yet more drama lies ahead for Denise in next week’s EastEnders as she faces the harsh reality of giving up her baby boy for adoption – and the identity of the father threatens to spill out to the rest of Walford.


In Thursday’s episode, as Dee prepares to sign the consent form to finalise the adoption process, Kim can’t resist another opportunity to beg her sister to change her mind. All that nagging seems to get through as Denise struggles with signing on the dotted line – is she having second thoughts?

During a heart-to-heart, Denise reveals to Kim that the father knows about the baby, but before nosey Kim can get the full story the girls arrive home to find Patrick, Shirley and Carmel have laid on a surprise lunch in an attempt to take Denise’s mind off the emotional events of the day.

As the booze flows and lips get loose, it becomes obvious to Kim that Shirl knows who the daddy is and that he must be local. But Denise still won’t be drawn and refuses to confirm his identity to her sister.

Not wanting to let it drop, on Friday Kim gossips with Carmel over who it could be – and when Denise joins them for a drink in the Vic, Kim comes to a shocking conclusion… has she worked out Phil Mitchell is her nephew’s father? Or could she have got the wrong end of the stick? 


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