EastEnders: hear Bex Fowler’s song in full

Jasmine Armfield reveals the making of Bex's viral sensation


EastEnders has released a video featuring the full version of Bex Fowler’s song Boxed Up Broken Heart.


The talented Walford teen recorded the song on Tuesday, and in tonight’s episode Shakil was watching the clip on his phone, telling mum Carmel it had gone viral – now fans can hear it in its entirety

Collaborating with songwriter Gwyneth Herbert to create an original tune for Bex, actress Jasmine Armfield got to show off her musical talents by performing the song herself. “Bex has written the song because she’s got so much going on and can’t quite put it into words, so her way to get round that is to put it in a lyric and sing about it instead.”

Like any good tune about teenage angst, it’s inspired by boy trouble: “Part of the song is about how Shakil could think Bex would do all that stuff, like sending the pictures. The lyric can hopefully help Bex to get through to Shakil, there’s definitely a message in there for him.”

Armfield reveals she had a lot of input into creating the song, discussing Bex’s situation and how to get it across in music: “I worked really closely with Gwyneth. We had a huge chat about everything, about Bex’s feelings and her character. That was so helpful and the song is perfect for Bex. I was a bit nervous about doing it, but I think nerves are a good thing because it shows you care.

“When I performed on camera Gwyneth came to watch it and I just wanted to make her proud. Songwriters have a vision of what they want their song to be and you want to live up to that.”

Could the tune mean her and Shaki finally make up? “I think she’s hoping he hears it and understands, yeah. There are so many rumours flying around, they just need a chat.” Or maybe a sing-song? 

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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