Emmerdale: Rhona kisses Paddy – before agreeing to marry Pierce!

Expect big complications in Rhona's love life next week


Rhona will have a turbulent week when it comes to her relationships in next week’s Emmerdale when she kisses ex-love Paddy before accepting current partner Pierce’s proposal.


The catalyst for the emotional turmoil comes in the form of divorce papers that mark the end of Rhona and Pierce’s marriage. But when the pair have a drunken heart to heart in the Woolpack, they unwittingly end up sharing a kiss!

The trouble is that the snog comes on the one-year anniversary of Tess’s death – all of which has left Rhona’s current partner Pierce feeling particularly on edge.

After he accuses a guilty Rhona of not understanding how he feels, she comes up with a way to make it up to him by suggesting that it might be a good time for him to propose again.

Scenes to be shown on Tuesday 14 February will then see Pierce ask Rhona to marry him and she is delighted to accept.

But Emmerdale fans can expect tensions to increase later in the week when Vanessa quizzes Rhona about her sudden decision to get married – unaware that Pierce has heard everything. Is the truth about Rhona’s kiss with Paddy about to come out?

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