Coronation Street: Sinead and Chesney to split up?

Sinead sees red after Ches avoids a night out with her


Chesney and Sinead are on the rocks in next week’s Coronation Street – are the pair destined to split up?


Corrie fans will have already noticed ructions in the pair’s relationship, what with her having recently made a drunken play for Aidan Connor.

But there’s more drama in upcoming episodes after Chesney swerves a night out with Sinead in order to cover pal Gemma’s stint in the kebab shop.

The celebration that Ches has spurned is Beth and Kirk’s wedding anniversary – and Sinead is none too happy that her partner has found an excuse not to attend.

But worse is to come when Sinead discovers that Chesney put the kibosh on the evening just so that Gemma could herself attend a party.

Storming round to the kebab shop, Sinead is soon getting busy with the sauce bottle as she vents her anger at Chesney. Is this it for the two of them?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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