Emmerdale: Pierce left fuming when Rhona goes to ‘hunk night’ – will he lash out?

Is Pierce set to lose his temper again?


Rhona and Pierce’s relationship has been going through a rocky patch for a while now and a raucous ‘hunk night’ theme at the pub will cause them yet more trouble in upcoming episodes of Emmerdale.


Things seem to be going well when Rhona suggests that they make the most of a night in together. However, Pierce is bemused when he finds her ticket to hunk night the following day. He doesn’t take it well and overreacts, leaving Rhona confused. Pierce later announces that he’s going in to work, but is he just saying that to avoid her?

Scenes to be broadcast on Friday 13 January will then see the Woolpack gearing up for hunk night (cue much hysterical shrieking), so Rhona reminds Pierce that she’s going.


But while she’s off having fun at the event, he won’t stop calling her. Eventually, Vanessa confiscates Rhona’s phone so that she’s free to enjoy the evening.

As the night goes on and the Sauvignon flows, Rhona is called up to the stage! She’s mortified but everyone cheers her on.

Pierce, meanwhile, is lurking about outside the pub. When he hears Rhona’s name being called he makes his way inside to see what’s going on and is horrified to find her dancing with one of the hunks and having the time of her life.

He’s not happy and quickly leaves, feeling more jealous and insecure than ever.

So, will he lose his temper with Rhona once again? And can their relationship withstand all of his jealousy?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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