Emmerdale: Cain raises a fist to Kyle!

Cain set to make a big decision about his son's future following the shock incident


Cain Dingle’s son Kyle has had a difficult festive period and things don’t look set to improve for the youngster next week in Emmerdale. He’s gone from pillar to post since Joanie took him away from the village after her Christmas Day break-up with Zak and there are more turbulent times ahead.


Next, he’ll run to get help when Kerry collapses while out on a walk on Thursday 5 January before Cain bans Kerry from seeing him altogether. Finally, in scenes to be broadcast next week, his dad will raise a fist to him before making a decision that will change the course of his future forever.

At the beginning of the week, Zak and Lisa are worried about Kyle. He isn’t himself and seems withdrawn. Lisa speaks to Cain and suggests that his son needs some stability in his life. Cain, however, is having none of it when she proposes that Kerry should be involved in his upbringing.


Later on, Kyle is acting up and being stubborn. Cain can’t contain his anger and raises his fist but, horrified, stops himself from going any further. However, both he and Kyle are shaken by his violent outburst.

Meanwhile, Zak and Lisa realise the cause of Kyle’s strange mood when they learn what he witnessed. It isn’t long before Cain makes a momentous decision about Kyle’s future, which will alter the course of both of their lives.
But what has Cain decided? And how will Kyle react when he hears the news?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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