EastEnders: Denise to reveal big baby secret during showdown with Shirley?

Will she confess to Phil being the dad?


Is Denise about to reveal that Phil is the father of her baby in an upcoming EastEnders? And will Shirley be the one to discover the truth?


It certainly looks that way what with the two of them having a showdown in the Queen Vic toilets during next week’s episodes.

The confrontation comes after Mick comes to a worrying realisation and tells Shirley that he thinks her former partner Buster could well have been having an affair with Denise.


Unaware that Kathy was actually the other woman in Buster’s life, Shirley decides to have it out with Denise and starts to push her for information on who the father of her baby is.

During a set-to in the loos, Denise will be put very much on the back foot. Under pressure to spill the beans, will she admit that Phil is actually the dad? And how will Shirley react should she hear the real facts?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of EastEnders below.


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