Coronation Street: Roy to leave in the new year?

A plan is hatched to convince Roy to stay - but will it be enough?


Roy Cropper’s mind is made up. He’s decided to move away from the cobbles and begins to put his plans in motion over new year in Coronation Street – but could the intervention of his friends and an honest chat with Cathy persuade him to change his mind?


Early on in the wee, Roy feels dreadful when he learns from Cathy that there isn’t space for Alex at Yasmeen’s place, so he’s now living in a separate flat. He feels like he’s responsible for splitting up Cathy’s family. 

Meanwhile, a potential buyer for the café arrives for a viewing. As Roy shows Eric, the interested party, around the property Brian hatches a plan. He hopes he can put a stop to the sale and enlists Sally’s help.

However, when Roy later questions Sally at the pub about how much she knows about Eric it becomes abundantly clear that she knows nothing. Could Brian’s scheme to keep Roy around be about to fall apart?

Later on, Cathy has a heart-to-heart with Roy. She tells him that she doesn’t want to lose him and would rather keep him in her life as a friend than never see him again.

Will this be enough to make Roy reconsider his move? Or will he be saying goodbye to Weatherfield?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of New Year on Coronation Street below.


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