Coronation Street: desperate Andy burgles the Bistro – will he leave Weatherfield?

Is Corrie set to air Andy's final scenes over Christmas?


Andy Carver will go to desperate lengths to cover his tracks following an attack on Pat Phelan in this evening’s Coronation Street.


After lamping the dodgy builder with a brick, Andy first tries to pin the blame on Kevin Webster, who was seen threatening Phelan in the run-up to the assault.

But as Christmas nears, Andy will continue to sweat as he’s forced to come up with another plan to avoid being landed in it with the police.


Needing money quickly, Andy clocks that Steph has accidentally over-ordered some electronic tablets for the Bistro and comes with a plan.

Hating himself for his actions, Andy will end up breaking into the restaurant and stealing the devices. But scenes to be shown on Wednesday 21 December will see Robert discovery the burglary and suspend Steph, pointing out that it was her job to lock up.


Consumed with guilt, Andy then resorts to stealing painkillers from the medical centre before making a potentially lethal cocktail of pills, gin and orange on Christmas Day.

However, Corrie fans can expect Andy to still be in the land of living by the end of December, but questioning his future in Weatherfield.

Desperate to get away, Andy phones a mate in Newcastle and asks to crash on his floor. While Steph, Tracy and Luke celebrate New Year in the Bistro, Andy slips out. But will he make his getaway before anyone notices?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of Christmas on Coronation Street below.


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