Emmerdale: shock accident for Ashley – and here’s what happens next

Will Laurel decide that her husband now needs a carer?


Ashley Thomas has been left badly scalded on tonight’s Emmerdale after plunging his hands into hot water in an accident at home.


This evening’s episode of the ITV soap saw Laurel leave her husband on his own while she left the house to buy nappies for their daughter Dotty.

But Ashley, who is suffering from early-onset vascular dementia, ended up burning himself in the bathroom while attempting to shave.


A horrified Laurel then returned home, only to be left panicked by Ashley’s actions. Following a trip to A&E, Ashley was left with bandaged hands, while Laurel admitted her guilt to father in law Sandy.


Now, in the aftermath of the accident, Laurel will be seen experiencing further guilt at the prospect of getting a carer in, but Nicola reassures her that she’s doing the right thing.

Scenes to be shown on Wednesday 14 December will see Ashley left puzzled by the presence of new carer Will, while a tearful Laurel finally admits that she can’t now look after her husband on her own.

By Friday, the situation appears to have improved as the family gathers to have fun on the pirate ship with nerf guns. But there’s further heartbreak ahead when a confused Ashley becomes distressed and hits his head.

Will this be the moment that Laurel realises that Ashley’s future can’t lie at home?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week on Emmerdale below.


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