Coronation Street: Nick and Peter have a Christmas Day brawl!

The pair are trading punches once again over the festive season


After Toyah’s revelation that Christmas at her place is cancelled (you can read more about her return to the cobbles here), Nick, Leanne and Simon end up spending the day with the Barlows this Christmas in Coronation Street.


Peter’s thrilled to be spending time with his son over the festive period, while Nick does his best to fake a smile. But tensions look set to rise to the surface when Nick grows increasingly sure that Peter is trying to make a move on Leanne and decides to confront him.

As history has already proved, these two can never resist a fight if the chance is on offer – hence Nick throwing the first punch and Peter quickly retaliating.

Soon, in the true spirit of a Corrie Christmas, the pair are having an out and out punch-up in the street.

But is it really the case that Peter is trying to win back Leanne? Or is he merely trying – and succeeding – to score points and rile his enemy Nick?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Coronation Street below.


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