Coronation Street: who will bring Pat Phelan down?

Will it be Eileen? Gail? Anna? Or someone else completely?


Villainous Pat Phelan appears to have once again wheedled his way out of trouble by denying involvement in the scam that’s fleeced half of Coronation Street. He also seems to have got away with letting poor old Michael Rodwell die! But there’s surely only so long that dastardly Pat can evade justice? All of which has got us thinking: which Corrie favourite will be the one to ensure he gets his comeuppance?



She’s been blackmailed, coerced into sex, threatened and humiliated. So it would be total karma if Anna gave Phelan his just desserts. Perhaps a crutch in the crotch? Or arms folded across her cardigan and a look of triumph on her face as Phelan is carted off by the cops? You decide, Anna, love.



Just look at the ruthless way she locked David in that Bistro cellar for a week. Gail’s definitely putting her years of simpering and rapid-fire blinking behind her. After all, there are only so many husbands you can lose in tragic circumstances before something snaps. The dormouse days are over, baby.


That slap could well have been just the start. I reckon that Eileen is Phelan’s Achilles’ heel, the one person who could prove that he has a conscience after all. And Eileen may use that to her advantage. Con the conman, lure him into a honey trap and…whammo!


Anna, Gail and Eileen working as a team

A Witches of Eastwick-style smackdown must surely be an option. And think of the plot possibilities that a murder pact between these three matriarchs could provide.


Depending on which direction the writers choose to set Todd’s moral compass (remember: it does change week by week), he could be your man. After all, it’s Todd’s brother Jason who’s lost more dosh than anyone else. Perhaps Todd will put Grimshaw loyalty before personal gain…


No stranger to flying off the handle, Kev may launch himself at Pat – armed with the world’s tiniest spanner and the Purple Bomber Jacket of Revenge. A scrapper of long standing, I doubt Kevin’s fighting days are over.



Well, they’ve got to give him SOMETHING to do.



Yeah, don’t mess with Rita. Alan Bradley once tried to con and kill her. She won’t be fooled again.

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