Emmerdale: heartache for Finn after Kasim wakes from his coma

How will Finn react when the man he saved in the crash regains consciousness?


Finn Barton has been attending the bedside of the stranger whose life he saved after the crash on the Hotton bypass for weeks. He’s pinning all of his hopes on the survival of this man, named Kasim, and next week in Emmerdale he finally wakes up from his coma!


However, there are those who don’t think Finn is emotionally stable enough to cope if Kasim doesn’t make it, and it isn’t plain sailing once he wakes up.

The week begins with Finn pretending to the nurses that he is Kasim’s boyfriend so that he can get in and visit him. The following day, he’s delighted but also nervous when he learns that it’s time for Kasim to be brought out of his coma.

At the hospital, he’s devastated to hear that Kasim went into arrest after waking up. The nurses do their best to comfort him but he begins to fear the worst. Looking for support, he calls his mate Aaron and tells him he’s scared Kasim is going to die. Aaron reassures him it will all be OK.

However, Finn’s worried when he sees Kasim being whisked down the corridor on a trolley. The situation doesn’t improve when Finn no longer know where he’s been taken.

His mum Emma agrees to help him find Kasim and learn what’s happened to him. Pete, who doesn’t approve of Finn’s obsession with the man he saved, is outraged when he learns that his mum has found out where Kasim is for Finn.


Is Emma dealing with her own guilt by helping Finn, even though it might lead to heartbreak for him further down the line? How is Kasim doing after waking up and how much will Finn be affected by it?

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.

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